Thank you for choosing Devon Hall Photographic Arts to capture your life, love, and most precious memories. Once you have booked or are simply deciding on your session, please review the information below. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


For weekend sessions please allow 4-6 weeks advance. I only book one session per weekend, so they tend to go very quickly.  For weekday sessions please allow 2-3 weeks advance.


All sessions are typically one and a half hours. Newborn sessions tend to run longer, 2-3 hours which allows for feeding, diaper changes and snuggles. The location of the shoot depends on your preference. It can be done in my studio, outdoors, or at your home.  Typically these details will be discussed with you before your session.


Timing is very important when considering booking a session especially when it comes to capturing maternity and newborns. The best time to document your growing belly is anywhere from 32-36 weeks. By this time, in most pregnancies, the belly is nice and round and the mother is usually still feeling vibrant and energized.  
As for newborns, I prefer to photograph them as soon as possible after birth. After the two week period, newborns tend to wake-up and be fussy which makes it much more difficult to capture their serene beauty. 


If you are interested in booking a session at a later point in your little one's life, I would suggest booking a session anywhere between 6-9 months of age. This is a beautiful and exciting age to photograph.  Not only can most little ones sit up on their own at this age, but their curious personalities are glowing while they engage the camera. 


For family sessions, the photographs appear more streamline if everyone is wearing similar colours. However, a family wardrobe should come together but not match. With that in mind, the most important detail is for you to feel comfortable and confident.  


With regards to individual sessions, colour is obviously not an issue. However, you are encouraged to bring a number of different items from your wardrobe if you prefer variation in your photos.


A 100% non-refundable session fee is due at booking.  You can make this payment by cash, cheque or paypal (with paypal there will be a 3% service fee added). 

After your photo shoot is complete you can expect to receive your collection or private online gallery 3-4 weeks following your session. This gallery can be found under the "Clients" link on my website. This is only a temporary password and please note that your online gallery will expire after one week. With that in mind, all orders should be made within one week. There will be a fee if you need the gallery re-activated. The fee will cover a one week time frame. 

After the one week gallery expiration, clients will have 30 days to place their print/product order. This order can be done by booking a personal appointment with me at the studio. If orders are not placed within the 30 days, there will be an added fee of $150 to bring images out of archive. Please note that unordered images will be purged from the system after 60 days.  

Print orders are typically placed via e-mail, telephone or in studio. We can also arrange a personal meeting and discuss print/product options.  Prints (once an order has been placed) will take approximately 2 weeks to receive. Payment is due at the time of ordering. 

~prices and policies subject to change without notice~